Who We Are:

The MatchGirl Knitting Shop, Ltd. is a privately owned and operated wool business and knitting needle distributor. We buy and re-sell fine quality yarns specializing on fibers grown by sheep, alpaca, silkworms, mink, and buffalo. We have some pre-knitted product available.

We are oriented toward maintaining a sustainable Planet Earth. To support our whim, we have implemented a new “woolcycle program”. The WoolCycle Program is a place where you can bring your old wool and drop it off or you can pick up our old wool. Once we’ve finished a project, the remnants of our skeins won’t be enough to make another project, so we contribute this to the program. Also, we receive samples from our suppliers, and if we won’t carry the sample in the store, we’ll contribute these to the program. We tend to stay away from all the manmade fiberlike materials which are produced through chemical chain reactions and are proven to be harmful to our beautiful Planet Earth. Therefore, we request that any product which will be dropped off be as pure as possible. It’s a new idea, we’re not sure how it’ll be accepted and used, and we’ll have to wait and see.

We have books available for sale.

We have an extensive private collection and as long as your hands are clean you’re welcome to browse and make photocopies provided the copies will support your personal project. Copyright laws apply.

If you don’t see what you like, let us know and we can try and bring it in.